August 31 2014

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Talking “Hair Fairies” With One Of Fashion’s Original Curly Girls


It was hard to miss Gisele at Alexander Wang yesterday, what with the cavalcade of photographers that followed her around as she moved from hair to makeup to dressing room. But another supe walked among those of us backstage at Pier 94, albeit one that was considerably more difficult to recognize. A straight-haired Shalom Harlow sat in face painter Diane Kendal’s chair but without her signature ringlets; we had to do a double take before making a positive ID. Harlow felt just as anonymous with her freshly blown-out strands. “I do not to both,” she said of straight versus texturized styles. “I prefer the way that God made me, which is curly.” Turns out the statuesque brunette whose cheekbones are truly something to behold in person has plenty to say on the subject. “Being a curly-haired girl is kind of like trying to learn how to tame a hurricane—it’s a force of nature,” Harlow joked of learning how to manage her mane. “I have a whole thing that I do, but it took me 20 years to figure it out. Now I know I should only wash my hair once a week, which, to some people who have straight, limp, oily hair, may sound disgusting, but that’s all my hair needs.” A devotee of Chaz Dean’s line of WEN cleansing conditioners and a seaweed-based shampoo she picked up at Serge Nromant’s salon in L.A, Harlow cites hair masks as her big curly-girl staple. “It’s a total must. I’d like to say I do it once a week, but that’s kind of a lie. I probably do it twice a month.” (She like Normant’s Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment.)

Otherwise, the catwalking legend revealed that she never, ever diffuses—”I bought myself one of those hair salon three-pronged infrared heat lamps. It sits in the corner of my room. It sort of looks like a lamp and kinda goes unnoticed”—and she always believes in the “hair fairies.” “A lot of curly-haired girls are too afraid to brush their hair, but I find that if I brush my hair at night, then the next morning, it gets a little bed-tousled—like freshly fucked hair.”

While Alexander Wang will be Harlow’s one and only NYFW appearance (“I couldn’t refuse an invitation from [him]. I like his approach to femininity. I feel like he would dress Athena,” she gushed about the designer), Shalom did let us in on another little surprise she’s got in store for the season: “You will see me in Europe.” We sure will.

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