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Benefit Goes Higher Brow


I swore undying devotion to my long-standing brow groomer, Jimena Garcia, years ago. The in-house specialist at Tenoverten has one of the best, innate senses of shape I’ve ever encountered and an incomparable ability to remove a single hair from my arches and change the entire shape of my face, in the best possible way. She further blew my mind on one of my first visits when she applied a little bit of highlighter to my brow bones following a grooming appointment. I’ve been hooked on the stuff ever since. A single swipe of peachy pigment can instantly open up even the tired-est of eyes—particularly when it boasts a hint of shimmer, which likely compelled Benefit to upgrade its cult-favorite High Brow pencil. While the brand’s original soft, matte-pink stick worked wonders on fairer complexions, I always found it a bit too chalky for my olive-toned skin. Its successor, however, the High Brow Glow, is formulated with a glimmering champagne effect that subtly lifts lids, without any trace of a perceptible pastel finish. A blended stroke plus a few lashes of clear brow gel are a boon to even the best professional service.

Photo: Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

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