August 20 2014

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Fresh Lightens Up


Super-thick creams—no matter how luxe and appealing—don’t work with my finicky skin. Most of them are just too rich, and even if they have compelling backstories, like Fresh’s cult-favorite Crème Ancienne, which is blended by hand in a European monastery and based on a formula that was used to treat gladiator’s wounds in the second century AD, I sadly can’t partake. But the innovative brand recently devised a way for everyone to enjoy its product’s hydrating, homespun appeal. The newly launched Crème Ancienne Infusion is a treatment toner that combines the original salve’s blend of classic rosewater and meadowfoam seed oil with bamboo water, lavender, and lemon peel essential oil. Additional contributions from skincare powerhouses like hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn oil create a conditioning, balancing, and purifying effect without the greasy feeling of a balm. It’s an instant refresher for weary, tired complexions, and while I still need to pair it with a lightweight moisturizer to properly quench my complexion in these days of seasonal transition, come summer, it’ll be a welcomed one-swipe wonder.

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh

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