August 23 2014

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Jo Malone’s Botany Of Desire


Ever since the Romans brought the concept of a well-tended garden to England, the country has seemingly blanketed itself with all manner of sweet-smelling, verdant landscapes. Gardens are so ubiquitous in across the pond—from the manicured royal variety and the rambling, unkempt style that surrounds countryside manors to the tiny yet tidy urban incarnations—a green thumb is pretty much a birth right in the U.K. As a brand that prides itself on being immersed in English sensibilities, Jo Malone is perfectly poised to translate this pastime into bottled, olfactory bliss. Each of the three scents in its brand-new London Blooms collection offers a fragrant blend of the flowers, trees, and greenery commonly found in the average English garden. Peony & Moss, White Lilac & Rhubarb, and Iris & Lady Moore each come packaged in beautifully illustrated flacons, too, so even if the only kind of foliage you can fit in your apartment is the odd gifted house plant, you can stare longingly into these rectangular glass oases and imagine that you too have a green space of your own.

Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone



  1. CindyFN says:

    The smell of spring. Thanks Style, I’m getting this!

    -C at

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