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La Collection Lives!


In addition to building one of the most successful fashion houses in the business, Yves Saint Laurent left a pretty lasting fragrance legacy. Opium, his original spicy oriental that changed the perfume game in 1977, frequently appears on “most iconic” flacon lists, while newer launches from the brand, like 2009′s Kate Moss-fronted Parisienne, continue to earn scores of fans worldwide. But between the two scents lies a number of well-loved and unfortunately long-forgotten eaux that are now getting a new lease on life. YSL has just launched La Collection in the States, a lineup of eight classic, discontinued scents—four men’s, four women’s—that have been resurrected with new packaging and some prime counter space. For the girls, there’s 1964′s Y, a bergamot and iris eau; Yvress, 1993′s sparkling fruity floral with hints of nectarine and violet blossom; Nu, 2001′s orchid and incense standout; and In Love Again, 1998′s unique blend of blackcurrant, Muscat grape, rose, and peony. For the boys, there’s Jazz, 1988′s geranium and cypress-heavy masculine floral; M7, the patchouli-rich, woody scent that was one of the world’s first oud absolues when it launched in 2002; Rive Gauche Pour Homme, 2003′s sensual Gaiac wood and fresh lavender essence; and 1971′s Pour Homme, the lemon, mint, and oakmoss-kissed aromatic chypre that we happen to have on right now (some men’s fragrances are worn just as well on women). The whole lineup has been put into cubist packages, the women’s offerings in nude, matte-lacquered bottles and the men’s in a black matte finish, which makes them that much more collectible.

$105 each, available March 2012 exclusively at Yves Saint Laurent boutiques and online at

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beaute

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