August 20 2014

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The United Colors of Patricia van der Vliet


As one of this season’s new brunettes, Patricia van der Vliet has been through the hair-dye ringer. Just days before the shows started, the natural blonde went a shade of rich coffee for the New York shows, only do be dyed even darker—and cut shorter—by Guido Palau at the end of the week. Last night at Alexander McQueen, Palau gave her yet another new persona: platinum blond Hitchcock heroine turned manga cartoon character. “It’s so fun to see yourself transform,” van der Vliet told us backstage. A willing participant, the Dutch stunner is actually all for the constant makeovers. “It makes my job so much more interesting; being the pretty blonde gets boring.” While van der Vliet admits that the icy flaxen wig she got to wear at McQueen was amongst her favorite Fall looks—”I was trying to be Storm from the X-Men for Halloween and this is what I should’ve done,” she joked—she’s partial to the twenties-era flapper cut and color that she got back in February. “It’s so much easier, and I so enjoy being the tough girl,” she says of the style that admittedly brings out her blue eyes and bone structure more than her former golden glory. “I’m definitely going to keep it for—now,” the catwalker has decided. “But I’ll have to see what happens when Spring/Summer comes around.” It’s all up to the fashion gods, of course, but our money’s on a red resurgence. Until September…


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