August 31 2014

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A Rose By Another Name


Rose hip oil smells nothing like roses, so those of you with a particular aversion to the classic bloom’s iconic scent—and we know there are a great many of you out there—should not feel the need to stop reading now. Rose hip seed oil, or RHSO, as it’s called in skincare circles, is extracted from the seeds of native South American rose bushes and has been prized in that region for generations as an antiaging wonder. Mally Steves Chakola only became aware of the elixir’s youthful radiance-inducing properties when she purchased it by accident (she meant to buy rose oil) and noticed an immediate improvement in her skin—particularly the dramatic discoloration of a scar she had had for years. And thus was born the idea for M. Steves, a five-piece skincare line devoted to the mighty RHSO. We’re particularly fond of the Power-Packed Ultra-Nourishing Boost, a super-concentrated oil that can be slathered on alone at night or added to your favorite moisturizer for added oomph, and the Reviving Exfoliant, which uses a cocktail of finely milled crystals—walnut shell powder, glycolic acid, and fruit enzymes—to slough off dead skin. It’s definitely worth, er, getting hip to for spring.

Photo: Courtesy of M. Steves

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