August 30 2014

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Lara Stone: The Latest Brunette


Ever wonder what Lara Stone would like like as a brunette? Vogue Turkey did, which compelled the publication to give the blonde bombshell a Fall 2012 severe, raven-hued dye job for its April issue. That espresso coif, courtesy of hairstylist Ken O’Rourke, was only temporary, of course—the better to showcase Lisa Eldridge’s strong, eighties-inspired face-painting job, replete with glossy red lipstick, carved-out cheekbones, and heavily rimmed lids. Despite the absence of Stone’s signature long flaxen locks, there was one element of the Dutch stunner’s look that remained intact: the bleached brows that helped make her a household name in 2009 are still making the page in 2012. Better off blonde, or do you like Lara’s dark side?

Photo: Cuneyt Akeroglu for Vogue Turkey, April 2012



  1. hannah_hys says:

    This look is stunning, of course, as we should always expect that anything on Lara would be. It truly makes those gorgeous lips stand out and it also helps you notice her eyes much quicker than with the blonde tresses.

  2. SterlingMcQueen says:

    She looks really (i cant think of another word) fucking gorgeous brunette. She’s such a universal beauty, and I think thats what’s helping her stay so big. She looks good with red hair, blond hair, brunette hair, hell, she looks gorgeous black (Vogue Paris reference). She’s truly building a celebrity status. I wish there were a new supermodel era, as I didn’t live through the original, and I think Lara will be the Kate of our day.

  3. elenapacienza says:

    This could double the lenghth of her career ………
    Love it. And want to see more.

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