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(Still) Pretty In Pink


As frequent readers of this blog are well aware, we haven’t been shy about expressing our exhaustion with ombré colored streaks. And the trend that just won’t die continues to get play. While the runways are no longer littered with hints of green, blue, purple, and peach, celebrities haven’t yet tired of the technique. Just last month January Jones added a few pieces of light pink to her corn silk strands. This said, we find ourselves surprisingly amenable to Charlotte Free’s signature bubble-gum dye job. Maybe it’s the fact that the Southern California native’s Manic Panic habit preceded her start in the modeling industry, or that she’s kept it the same shade of cotton candy throughout two seasons of runway shows and editorials. Either way, Free is one of the only people we actually enjoy seeing with off-beat hair hues—”fashion” colors, as they’re called in the biz—like the one hairstylist Leonardo Manetti played with for the latest issue of Numéro Tokyo. Jury’s out as to how long Free will continue to pick pink, but it sure seems to be working for her for now.

Photo: Eric Guillemain for Numéro Tokyo, May 2012

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