July 30 2014

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A Scent For Serge


It’s rare for a hairdresser to reach the point in his or her career when launching an eponymous product line is a possibility—and even rarer still for said hairdresser to transition into fragrance from shampoos and conditioners. But Serge Normant isn’t just any hairdresser. “It felt a little ambitious,” Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts’ mane man said of Avah, his debut eau de parfum for hair and body. “But I thought, designers do it; why can’t I?” Working off the fragrance in his signature line of cleansers and styling aids, Normant says that Avah—which has a base of musks tinged with ylang-ylang, jasmine, and amber—is meant to be transformative, “something that makes you travel even just for a second.” It helps boost hair health, too; while Normant admits that the scent was not created specifically for hair, he insisted that ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba oil get added to the trace amount of alcohol in the formula to make sure that the juice wasn’t drying or damaging to sensitive strands. But best not to spray it directly onto lengths. “I always liked the old trick of spraying it then walking through it,” Normant advises—which is way more fun anyway.

Serge Normant Avah Eau de Parfum, $60, available June 1 at

Photo: Courtesy of Serge Normant



  1. Citygirlinred says:

    I can’t wait to try it, all of the Serge Normant hair products smell amazing.

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