August 20 2014

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Dark Angels


At last night’s Met gala, there was something noticeably missing—and we’re not talking about Ashley Olsen’s absence or a lack of feathered dresses (there were plenty of those). We’re talking specifically about the bounty of red lips you except to see at these functions, which were simply nowhere to be found. In their place: Fall’s favorite black cherry pout. There were a few bold crimsons in the crowd to speak of, on Carolyn Murphy and Doutzen Kroes specifically. But for the most part, it was all about mulberry mouths, which were spotted on everyone from Jessica Chastain, Rachel Zoe, and Amber Valletta to Camilla Belle, Lana Del Rey, Kate Bosworth, and Jessica Alba. We’re not usually in the horn-tooting business, but…we told you so.

Photo: Getty Images



  1. Citygirlinred says:

    I think that if you are going to go with a deep, dark vamp lip you should lighten up with the blush and bronzers, they all look too dark,plus they forgot to blot
    Jessica and Kate look the best though, if I had to choose.

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