August 22 2014

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New Inspiration For Fighting Perspiration


The “to wear or not to wear” antiperspirant debate has come under increasing scrutiny over the past few years as the active green beauty movement has revealed the presence of trace amounts of aluminum in most commonly used formulas of the sweat inhibitor. Deodorants, which promise to fight odor and typically lack a lot the chemicals that effectively prevent excessive wetness, present an entirely different conundrum: they come in a variety of natural formulas, most of which are overwhelming disappointments when it comes to efficacy. There are a few exceptions to this general rule, though: In Paris, we stock up on Sanoflore’s 24H Sans Concession Deodorant, a roll-on that is formulated without aluminum salts (and happens to smell amazing), and in the U.S., it’s all about Lavanila’s The Healthy Deodorant, which we’ve used a fair bit of space on this blog to rave about before. The multitasking stick uses a beta-glucan technology (which includes skin-saving polysaccharides, mostly) combined with antioxidants and essential oils to not only block odor but soothe and nourish the skin as well. It comes in five scents, which became six this month, with the addition of its latest vanilla-infused option, the limited-edition Vanilla Summer. As sworn Vanilla Grapefruit users, we were hesitant to branch out, but the sweet aroma of fresh mango, pineapple, creamy coconut milk, and island sugarcane all set in a base of warm Madagascar vanilla made quick converts out of us. Yes, we’re still talking about a deodorant here! If you’re looking for a more spritzable alternative, the intoxicating blend of essences is also available in fragrance form via an all-natural eau de parfum and a portable rollerball.

Photo: Courtesy of Lavanila

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