August 27 2014

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Presenting The Amazing Alpha Beta Pad


We have a longstanding appreciation for products with multiple purposes. Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap, those tins of do-it-all emollient salves that soothe dry knees and elbows, nourish cuticles, heal calluses, and tame flyaways—we like them all. So we were keen to check out Dr. Dennis Gross’ latest entrée into the multi-hyphenate category, which serves as a quick and easy way to get a gorgeous sun-kissed tint without the UV rays—and so much more! Each of Gross’ new Alpha Beta Pads packs capsilow, a patented substance that slows the regrowth of hair; caffeine for a slimming effect; willow bark extract and glycolic and lactic acids to exfoliate, boost cell renewal, and address the signs of aging; pore-reducing vitamin B; and a heavy dose of active vitamin D to relieve dry skin and boost natural radiance. Did you get that? They exfoliate while they bronze, simultaneously perfecting the surface area of winter-worn limbs. Even though we are not avid self-tanners (it’s rare that we pick up any product that will render our skin a color other than its natural, nearly bio-luminescent white state), this is a triple-threat summer skin saver that we can 100 percent get behind.

Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Dennis Gross

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