August 30 2014

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Rain-Proof Red-Carpet Hair 101


While the Cannes Film Festival kicked off with a bounty of beautiful sunshine last week, the Cote d’Azur was engulfed by spotty showers over the weekend—which means red-carpet screenings have taken a turn for the soggy. But no matter; evening gowns and perfect coifs wait for no one, Mother Nature included. So, what’s a starlet to do with her hair when the forecast calls for paparazzi flashbulbs mixed with humidity and frequent downpours? Go for texture, as Jessica Chastain did on Saturday. The Lawless star and Cannes fixture opted for smooth, straight strands and a subtle side braid at the film’s daytime photo call, but when the clouds rolled in later in the day, so did her set of soft waves, finished off with two frizz-fighting front twists joined in the back with a bejeweled, star-shaped hair pin. It’s a good lesson for those of you struggling with similar, weather-related styling constraints today in New York. Thoughts on the redheaded beauty’s transitional look?

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  1. Maria_1S says:

    I can assure you that the weather is like that not only in New York. A great idea for women whi wish to look great even in humid conditions. I really appreciated the advice, fresh, girlish and gentle.

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