August 31 2014

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The 411: Mary Helen Bowers


Mary Helen Bowers makes ballet feel good and look gorgeous, which means her company Ballet Beautiful is an easy sell. The willowy dancer began her career studying at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan, and she was invited to join the New York City Ballet at age 16, a post she remained at for a decade. After hanging up her pointe shoes (the professional ones, at least), Bowers picked up a degree in English literature from Columbia, launched her own ballet studio based around a methodology that aims to give every woman that signature dancer grace and strength, and trained a certain Hollywood actress for the big screen’s most prominent ballerina role in years. Anyone who toils through a class with Bowers will probably wonder two things afterwards: First, how have I made it this long in life without an awareness of certain muscles in my posterior, which scream out their existence for days after your first session; and secondly, what is this lithesome dancer’s routine for the perfect skin and hair to match the perfect body? We’ve got answers below—to the latter question at least.

The Trusted Face Painter: Romy Soleimani
“Romy is my beauty guru. Her makeup application is flawless and her touch is light as a feather. She is an absolute artist! I love that her high fashion looks are just as stunning as her naturally pretty daytime looks. She does my makeup on shoots and for my videos, too, and I buy whatever she recommends, no questions asked. I am praying for the day she starts her own line!”
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The Complexion Correctors: Triple Threat
“My skin is very dry and sensitive. I drink a ton of water and keep it simple with Cetaphil cleanser and Fresh’s Peony Essence Serum. A friend brought it to me from Asia and now I am obsessed! Depending on the weather I follow it up with the Fresh rose gel cream or their Creme Ancienne.”
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The Afternoon Snack: Organic Avenue
“I’m a big believer in the impact of diet on your skin. I drink green tea with lemon when my skin needs a little extra help and eat lots of healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and raw nuts to hydrate from the inside. I find that the occasional green juice works wonders, too. I don’t juice for meal replacement or to cleanse but I love the Mellow LOVE juice from Organic Avenue as part of my lunch or as an afternoon snack. It’s great on days when I need extra greens but don’t want the extra sugar in a lot of other juices.”
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The Sun Savior: Josie Maran
“I wear SPF every day, no matter what the weather or season. My current favorite is the Josie Maran SPF 40 [Argan Oil Infused Daily Sun Protection]. It’s very hydrating and great under makeup. If I’m eating outside, I always opt for the seat in the shade and rock a huge sun hat for extra protection.”

The Bath Ritual: Dr. Hauschka
“As much as I love a massage, I have no time. I try and take a few extra minutes to stretch out after a workout and use the foam roller as often as possible. It’s great for getting knots out of your muscles, and I swear it helps with cellulite, too. When I’m really fried, I soak in a hot bath with any of the Dr Hauschka bath oils and let the stress float away.”

The Nails: Debbie Leavitt
“Debbie in L.A. does a manicure and pedicure like no other! Somehow the paint never chips; it’s amazing how long it lasts! I’m also crazy for her super-beautiful line of nail polishes called Sheswai.”
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The Hair: Vito Esposito
“I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I keep it very long and rarely use a blow-dryer. Having a great cut makes this possible. I adore Vito Esposito in L.A. His cuts grow out beautifully and are current without being too trendy. In Manhattan I like the Marie Robinson salon.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

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