September 3 2014

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Beauty Etiquetter: The Roaming Colorist Complaint


Beauty Etiquetter is a new column on Beauty Counter in which we address your beauty protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in-the-know. To submit a question, e-mail celia

The Quandary: My hair colorist works on a few clients simultaneously during my appointment, which means I end up spending two hours in the chair. Is there a nice way to tell him to speed up the process?

The Expert in Residence: Marie Robinson, hair colorist and founder of Marie Robinson Salon in New York

The Advice: “If your colorist has only done this a couple of times, he might just be running late. He might need to get another client done quickly so he can hand her off to a hairstylist for a cut, or a color correction might have thrown him off schedule. But if this is how he regularly handles your time, then yes, say something. Ask if you should book on different days or come in at other times when his schedule might be slower so you can get his undivided attention. It’s worth it to have the conversation so he knows how you feel—perhaps other clients feel the same way and didn’t want to say anything. If he’s a true professional, he’ll understand and not want to lose your loyalty. That said, I know two hours in the chair is a long time. But if the end results are exactly what you want, it might be worth the wait.”

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Robinson Salon

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