August 29 2014

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Gagaleaks, Round Two; New York State Talks Tougher Tan Ban; And More…


Last month, beauty editors in North America attended a very hush-hush, embargoed event to reveal Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, Fame. Yesterday, pictures and details of said launch surfaced on the Internet. To avoid a PR nightmare, Gaga did what any well-seasoned twenty-first-century celebrity would: She leaked her own, official pictures of the black-to-clear belladonna, tiger orchid, apricot, honey, and incense eau on Twitter. Well played. [NYDN]

Angelina Jolie is rumored to be in talks to direct the film version of E L James’ erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey. Now comes word that the author has selected a licensing partner and expects to release everything from furniture and lingerie to a fragrance inspired by the book. Sex sells, as they say. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Products, schmoducts. The real secret to healthy, shiny hair is a well-balanced diet of protein-rich lean red meat; biotin-filled eggs; silica-packed oatmeal, raisins, and beer; dark green veggies; iron-clad lentils; fish brimming with omega-3 fatty acids; and oysters, which contain a good dose of zinc. Beer and oysters it is then! [US News]

After New Jersey’s “tanning mom” made international news for her indoor tanning bed abuse, New York State is voting to expand its tan ban. The law currently prohibits children under 14 to enter indoor tanning salons and the new legislation will bump that age up to 16. [WSJ]

Photo: Jun Sato / Getty Images

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