August 22 2014

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Natural lipsticks are finally breaking free from their earthtone-only shackles and are no longer limited to shades that range from brown to brick. The latest beauty entrepreneur contributing to this welcome change is Whistler, B.C.-based Darcey Diehl, who launched her line Lippy Girl last fall. A MAC-wearing loyalist since she was a teen, Diehl was investigating eco alternatives in hopes of using cleaner products, but her bright, pigment-driven needs were not being met. So in true Breaking Bad fashion, the high school chemistry teacher used her kitchen as a lab to cook up lipsticks on her own, educating herself with YouTube tutorials on how to formulate natural makeup as she went. Made from a base of beeswax and boosted with jojoba, grape, and castor seed oil, Diehl’s seven pout perfectors are not only organic, but the intensely saturated bullets, which include a true red, a neon pink, and a deep blackberry, will satisfy the statement lip-wearing set who lean green—a cross section of beauty fiends that, rest assured, is growing.

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