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Kiehl’s Breathes In The Sweet Smell Of Success


Kiehl’s has become a staple for nearly every single one of our beauty needs. Its Crème With Silk Groom was one of our first haircare loves, its soothing cucumber toner has long ranked at the top of the product list non-beauty friends ask us to retrieve for them (on a regular basis), and when it comes to body lotion, the brand’s legendary Crème de Corps is hard to beat. But fragrance isn’t typically something we seek out at the East Village apothecary-turned-international success story. While its Original Musk has flit in and out of our perfume arsenal for the past many years, a permanent library of well-crafted scents has never really been Kiehl’s forte—until now. The brand announced its new Aromatic Blends collection a few months ago, and we’ve been waiting relatively impatiently ever since to try it out. The range officially launched online today, and unsurprisingly, it does not disappoint. Comprising four scent families, the collection features ingredient duos that are naturally derived and sustainably sourced from all over the world: The Orange Flower and Lychee blend incorporates essences from the stem, flower, and leaf of the Moroccan bitter orange tree for a fuller-bodied finish; the Vanilla and Cedarwood concoction spotlights sustainably sourced Madagascar vanilla beans and smoky cedarwood from Virginia; the Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit duo showcases natural grapefruit extractions; and the Fig Leaf and Sage pairing features Mediterranean sage notes for a sweet, nutty quality. More impressive are the advanced aromatic reproduction technologies the brand has employed to re-create the exquisite smell of exotic ingredients, like Japanese Nashi flower and fig leaves from Provence, which are too delicate to physically extract. Included in each range is a Body Cleanser, Fragrance (which works just as well on linens and interiors as it does when spritzed onto pulse points), and Body Lotion, which shares the same squalane, shea butter, and botanical oil formulation that makes Kiehl’s Crème de Corps such a standout. The big difference, however, is that now, when you lather it onto parched limbs and hands, it smells utterly intoxicating.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s Since 1851

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