August 22 2014

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Little Indulgences For Your Next Staycation


Over the past few weeks, we’ve run into a bunch of friends we haven’t seen for a while. After the usual pleasantries are exchanged, talk turns to making plans and the same question keeps coming up: “Are you here this summer?” Yes, we say, moderately perplexed by the question; where else would we be? Ideally, of course, we’d be gone for all of August. “Rented a boat off the coast of Crete with the boyfriend and plan to do a little sailing around the Mediterranean before the shows start up again in September,” we’d respond in a perfect world, a jaunt that would do justice to Diptyque’s new Art of Body Care travel collection that just launched and is waiting for an excuse to board a plane to some exotic locale. The reality is that we will be kicking it in New York for the next three months. It’s not too grim of a prospect; there are plenty of local beach haunts to frequent and there might even be a long weekend spent in the Blue Ridge mountains in our future, where we imagine mini sizes of the French fragrance brand’s delectably aromatic Smoothing Body Polish, Revitalizing Shower Gel, Fresh Lotion for the Body, and Luxurious Hand Balm will come in just as handy. It’s not Santorini, but lucky for us, proper pampering is a destination-neutral pastime.

Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

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