September 2 2014

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The 411: Fresh’s Lev Glazman And Alina Roytberg


It’s an international cult classic at this point, but Fresh started with a humble bar of soap. Granted, this was no ordinary bar of soap. Exquisitely formulated and luxuriously packaged, deciding whether to tear it open and actually use it or display it on a shelf like a worldly treasure was a tough call. The Boston-based brand has come a long way since then, adding skincare, makeup, fragrance, and home products to its roster, and picking up a host of devotees along the way thanks to the tireless efforts of visionary co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg. On the occasion of a major milestone—the company turns the big 2-1 this year—we asked the savvy naturalists for their favorite places to beautify.

Lev’s Picks:
The Skincare Essential: Fresh Elixir Ancien
“The tradition of oil therapy has been widely used in skincare rituals for centuries to purify, nourish, and treat dry-skin conditions. I love using this face oil at night. It is the most precious blend of pure oils and age-delay extracts. It is ultra-nourishing, smooths fine lines, completely renews the complexion, and returns skin to its youthful radiance.”

The Morning Routine: Sea Buckthorn Juice
“The first thing I take in the morning is a glass of pure sea buckthorn (or seaberry) juice. It’s very concentrated, tart, bitter, and impossible to drink, so I mix it with water and honey. This juice contains over 190 different nutrients and antioxidants. I call it the ‘holy fruit.’ It energizes me, but it also gives the system a nice cleansing. It’s my fountain of youth. Then I make myself organic chamomile and jasmine green loose tea with lemon.”

The Pilates Guru: Benjamin at Equinox
“I take private sessions at Equinox Boston with Benjamin Degenhardt. He teaches Scott Pilates, a Canadian style. He made me fall in love with Pilates. He was a dancer, and then he became an instructor in NYC, and then he moved to Boston to bring the awareness up here.”
For more information, visit

The Man-icure: My Mani Pedi
“I have been going to Joyce at My Mani Pedi in the South End for three years, and she gives the best mani/pedi. She’s extremely precise and does a perfect job.”
546A Tremont St., Boston, (617) 482-5550.

The Foodie for Thought: Dr. Oz Garcia
“I trust his advice on all of the supplements he suggests. In the morning, I take a collagen supplement (not only for the skin, but to help the activity of the cells) and amino acid supplements, which are really important for recovery after working out; maka root supplement, which is wonderful for blood pressure and energy; and I take a sea buckthorn supplement (on top of the juice)—this is an oil, and it’s great because it’s rich in all the omegas, particularly 7, which is something our body slows the production down as we mature, so it’s important to supplement, for metabolism and anti-inflammatory purposes.”
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The Signature Scent: Vetiver by Guerlain
“It’s a classic. Every time I put it on, I think about old movies, like To Catch a Thief. It always reminds me of those times. It’s just a beautifully balanced fragrance that can’t be replicated.”

Alina’s Picks:
The Lid Luxury: Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream
“An essential product for me, it keeps the area around the eyes so nourished and protected, I see the difference instantly after use.”

The Hair Hero: Ryan Cotton at Marie Robinson
“Ryan has masterful hands, and he’s good with every hair length. His cuts grow out nicely, and he has a beautiful technique. The salon itself is low-key and comfortable. The first time I met him, he gave me the best blow-dry I ever had.”
For more information, visit

The Body Shop: Ballet Beautiful
“Although it’s hard for me to make it to classes in New York with Mary Helen Bowers, I love her DVDs, or taking her live-streaming class. It conjures up my inner ballerina.”
For more information, visit

The Destination Spa: Osmosis Spa
“The most unique treatment I ever had was at the Osmosis Spa in Sonoma Valley, called the Cedar Enzyme Bath. It’s this authentic Japanese bath soak with cypress chips. You have to drink water during it because it gets so hot. It was the most amazing, interesting, and cleansing experience.”
For more information, visit

The Perfect Perfume: Fresh Tuberosa Eau de Parfum
“This archival fragrance is only available in Fresh stores at the Sensorial Bar. It’s the ultimate feminine Fresh fragrance. It makes you want to wear beautiful lingerie and a black dress!”
Visit for Sensorial Bar locations.

The Styling Aid: Living Proof Full Thickening Cream
“A little bit of that technology goes a long way to control the frizz. It adds texture to the hair without the weight.”

The Deep Tissue Torture: Exhale Spa
“I always get a deep tissue massage at Exhale Spa with Chris Wiley. It’s painful…like, you cry, but you wake up and you feel your body in a new way. It’s amazing.”
For more information, visit for more information.

The Skin Savior: Joanna Czech
“The only thing better than using Fresh products is having Joanna apply them. She has the most amazing technique, and we found that our product works so well with her style. She’s also a lovely person.”
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The Escape: Ti Amo Resort in South Andros Island, Bahamas
“There are only 22 people that can stay on this 125-acre deserted island. It’s completely remote and breathtaking. You can only access it by boat or seaplane from Nassau. Also, it’s so close to the East Coast!”
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Photo: Courtesy of Fresh

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