August 23 2014

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The 411: Josie Maran


Though Josie Maran reached the pinnacle of her modeling success in the late 1990′s and early aughts, her specific appeal—think healthy, perma-grinned, and sun-kissed—always seemed much more reminiscent of eighties-era giants like Brinkley, Macpherson, and Crawford. That approachability has certainly helped her transition seamlessly from model to beauty industry mogul: Maran started her eponymous argan oil-based line of skincare and cosmetics essentials back in 2007 and has been on a tear ever since. The line’s natural roots (a huge part of its popularity among its countless devotees) mirror Maran’s own green-minded lifestyle. The California native is, to put it simply, an earthy, hippie chick at heart. Here, she shares a few of her simple lifestyle and beauty favorites to look—and feel—good from the inside out.

The Skin Savers: Personal Best

“My 100% Pure Argan Oil is my holy grail product. I use it all over my body and face every day and every night. Since I started using it regularly, I’ve been having fewer breakouts, and my naturally dry skin feels super-smooth. My Argan Cleansing Oil is the best for removing makeup and dirt, and the Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 protects my skin from the sun.”

Available at

The Go-To Polish: Priti

“I only use Priti nail polishes. They are made without a lot of the carcinogenic ingredients you find in other polishes, so I feel much better about my daughter putting it on her hands and toes too, which she does incessantly.”

Available at

The Haircare Ritual: Argan Oil

“Because I’m a model, hairstylists are constantly curling, straightening, and teasing my hair, which takes a huge toll on it. Post-shower I like to douse it in my Argan Oil Hair Serum to restore its health and keep it looking shiny. Then I just let it air-dry.”


The Must-Have Meal: Itacho Izakaya

“My family and I love this Japanese home-style restaurant in L.A. The food is made with so much love and makes you feel good and gives you energy. It’s literally our dinner table away from home.”

Itacho Japanese Izakaya and Sushi, 7311 Beverly Blvd., L.A., (323) 938-9009,

The Signature Scent: Custom Blend

“I actually created my own blend of essential oils when I was pregnant with my first child. It’s a juicy blend of jasmine, tangerine, and patchouli. I wore it when I was in labor and I’m certain it helped me get through my birth. Since then, it’s become my signature scent.”

For similar results, try a mix of Aveda Pure-Fume Singular Notes, $14 each,

The Sunday Ritual: Farmer’s Market

“My husband, daughter, and I go to the Hollywood farmer’s market whenever we can over the weekend. We love fresh organic produce so it’s our favorite Sunday adventure.”

For more information, visit

The At-Home Workout: Kundalini Yoga

“Kundalini is my very favorite type of yoga. Even when I’m rushing around like a madwoman, it forces me to take time to focus on my body and breath and get centered, which really is always a good thing.”

The Everyday Shoe: Newbark

“My husband’s two sisters founded Newbark, but I swear that’s not why I’m saying they make the best shoes and bags on earth! Their shoes really are the most comfy, chic, and travel-friendly ones I’ve found; so lightweight and soft.”

For more information, visit

The On-the-Go Facepainting Fixtures: Mix and Match

“I’m a working mom, so it’s a good day when I find the time to put on some lip balm before running out the door. For my two-minute face, I moisturize with my 100% Argan Oil, curl my lashes with the Shu Uemura lash curler, swipe on some Gogo Argan mascara, and apply some Magic Marker lip stain. It’s quick, easy, and fresh.”

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, $20,; for all Josie Maran products, visit

The Staycation Destination: Chateau Marmont

“The Chateau Marmont has a special place in my heart. I’ve stayed there so many times at different stages of my life and every time I come back it’s fun to reflect on how much my life has changed since my last visit. It has a ton of old Hollywood charm and it’s full of stories that I cherish. The restaurant and pool are great, and whenever I go I like to play a few games of Ping-Pong by the pool.”

Chateau Marmont, 8221 W. Sunset Blvd, L.A., (323)656-1010,

Photo: Courtesy of Josie Maran

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