August 29 2014

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Lush To The Emotional Rescue


Makeup has long been thought of as a mood enhancer. Feeling a little down? Slick on a red lipstick. Want to share your happiness with the world? A dab of apricot blush should do the trick. There’s an actual science to this stuff, though, rooted in color theory and the way specific shades—and the word associations we have with them—can help alter perceptions and demeanor. It’s an area of study that has long been the provenance of social scientists, although Lush has reappropriated it in the name of beautiful, mind-easing face painting. Introducing Emotional Brilliance, the U.K.-based fresh, handmade cosmetics brand’s first foray into color. With the help of strategic behavioral therapist Lady Kennedy, Lush has devised a 30-piece collection—each product of which, in true Lush fashion, is vegan and comes stamped with a sticker letting you know when it was packaged, by whom, and when it will expire. In addition to the Eyes Right mascara, a translucent powder, and two Skin Tints in Feeling Younger, a pink-tinged illuminator, and Charisma, a warm liquid bronzer, there are 13 Liquid Lipsticks bolstered by candelilla and rose wax in shades like Believe, a creamy fuchsia; Vibrance, a warm tangerine; and Passionate, a long-wearing scarlet; Six Cream Eyeshadows boosted with a rose petal infusion and smoothing jojoba and almond oils in shades like Sophisticated, a shimmering mauve, and Dynamic, an iridescent peach; and 11 Liquid Eyeliners, two of which, like the gilded Fantasy, have a budge-proof, instant-setting formula, while the others have a similar consistency to the Cream Eyeshadows to allow for easier blendability. And that might be the most intriguing part about the range. The well-portioned, environmentally friendly design (all of the bottles come in recyclable glass bottles) is intended to entice you to use the emollient pigments wherever and whenever you see fit. The lip wand and eyeliner applicators are interchangeable, so if your mind-body connection feels drawn to putting the teal blue Liquid Eyeliner in Calm on your lips one day—or across your clavicles the next—there’s nothing holding you back. Ditto laying a fine-crafted stroke of Strong, a fiery orange-red, across your top lash line or using it to draw on a fake beauty mark in the shape of a heart; whatever feels right.

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Photo: Courtesy of Lush

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