August 29 2014

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Marc Jacobs, On The Dot


“He can do something completely different each season and you’ll know that it’s Marc; the contents are core,” Bridget Foley said of Marc Jacobs at an intimate gathering moderated by WWD’s executive editor—and longtime Jacobs champion—to introduce the designer’s new fragrance, Dot, a few months back. The same happens to be true of his beauty offerings as well.

Jacobs’ latest comes in a bottle that is classic Marc in that it boasts a wacky design and deliberately 3D cap (while similar flacons and toppers litter the perfume counter these days—from Justin Bieber’s Someday to Vera Wang’s Lovestruck—it should be noted that Jacobs pretty much invented the aesthetic). “I approach [them] as [objects],” he admitted of his fragrances, adding that he was “absolutely insistent” on there being an abstract butterfly on this bottle, despite certain packaging limitations. “It tells the story right away,” Jacobs continued of the Alice In Wonderland—”but not in a literal way”—vibe of the red and black polka-dot visual and the corresponding Codie Young-fronted ad campaign.

At the end of the day, though, Jacobs is very aware that it’s what inside that counts. Comparing Dot to the eccentric, Dr. Seuss headgear he showed for Fall, the prolific designer explained that his consumer is “going to like the hat, want the hat, and buy the hat, but the story’s not going to sell it to her,” which is why he’s hoping that the world’s Marc-faithful are ready for Dot’s lush floral aroma that features essences of red berries, dragon fruit, and jasmine tinged with hints of coconut water, orange blossom and driftwood. Our bet is that they are, considering Jacobs puts as much energy and passion into his perfume projects as his seasonal collections, all of which are guided by the same overarching principle: “If you trust your instincts, something will come of it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Coty Prestige

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