August 28 2014

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The Pre-Stain Prerequisite


With temperatures having already reached near-unbearable highs, our usual summertime switch from lipstick to lip stains and tinted balms happened much sooner than anticipated. Now that our lips are more exposed than ever, they need a preparatory reboot, similar to the head-to-toe exfoliation we give our limbs to withstand a weather-appropriate wardrobe that leaves little to the imagination. So while lip scrub traditionally falls into the superfluous category in our minds, it’s pretty necessary at times like these. And when it comes to lip scrubs, Sara Happ’s all-natural staples have always been bar none. Now Happ has teamed up with another industry impresario, Blue Mercury’s Marla Malcolm Beck, to create a limited-edition variety with Beck’s M-61 skincare line just for summer. The new Lemon Mint Cucumber offering reminds us on first sniff of a delicious mojito—or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on a hot day (the scent is actually inspired by the signature flavored water served at the Tropicana Resort’s Bluemercury Spa in Atlantic City). Intoxicating aroma aside, the gentle sugar and citrus-based formula does an excellent job sloughing off rough patches, while cucumber soothes any residual redness and jojoba and grapeseed oils nourish parched skin. The result is a silky smooth canvas—and, you should be forewarned, an intense craving for summer cocktails.

Photo: Courtesy of Bluemercury

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