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Comme’s Amazingreen = Olfactory Memories, Unlocked


Comme des Garçons’ latest fragrance is described as “exhilaration, unleashed,” and that’s exactly what Amazingreen smelled like when I first spritzed on the unisex eau. But that’s less because of its lush verdant essences of damp leaves, green pepper, and coriander seeds blended with vetiver, smoke, and a curious “gunpowder accord,” and more because the metallic dark jade flacon bears a scent that is a near exact match to the smell of a boy I once loved (OK, still love). He was my introduction to New York hipsterdom when I moved to the Big City ten years ago, and as he dragged me along to fashion functions, underground dance parties, and downtown art shows—long before the Lower East Side became a destination for Murray Hill transplants—it was this same aroma of intermingling organic, mineral, and fresh notes that lingered in his wake. I called him on it once, insisting that he reveal what cologne he so often wore—to which he replied, “I don’t wear cologne,” as any real lothario would. If a bottled version of the unbridled excitement that would wash over me every time I inhaled a deep whiff of him didn’t actually exist then, it sure does now.

Photo: Courtesy of Commes de Garçons



  1. JacobSawyer says:

    That was a beautiful article, it felt very nostalgic and really made me want to try this.

  2. nightswimmer says:

    I agree, this article was beautiful! I have had a similar experience, he wore hugo boss energise and sometimes vetiver..amazingreen is very similar.

  3. hauteeclat says:

    Ellen, this was a sublimely epic sliver of prose that really brightened my day–you are beautiful inside and out. Wish more reviews were as gorgeous and refreshingly personal as yours–you’ve convinced me, because I am definitely getting this fragrance, and I never even thought twice about CDG!

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