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Freeze Frame


With a full week of August already behind us in what will go down as one of the hottest summers on record, it’s safe to say that the swelter is on. High temperatures mixed with even higher humidity means it’s increasingly hard to cool down and skin is in a constant state of flushed discomfort. It’s something we were lamenting on a recent visit with the NYR Organics team, when they dropped this piece of knowledge on us: rosewater ice cubes. A favorite trick of London-based superstar facialist Vaishaly Patel, the road to fragrant refreshment is fairly simple: Pour NYR’s Rose Water into 1-2 slots of a standard ice cube tray, freeze, pop out, wrap in muslin, and glide over your face and underneath eyes to cool, hydrate, and lightly exfoliate. Think of it as a beauty party trick that’s sure to blow some minds at your summer rental this weekend.

Photo: Courtesy of NYR Organics

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