August 22 2014

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Illamasqua’s Rubber Soul


The matte nail polish phenomenon caused near hysteria three years ago when no-shine manicures started turning up on the runway at shows like Alexander Wang and subsequently at retail counters nationwide. Gone was the era of high-gloss varnish; in its place, a preference for a flat finish with no semblance of luster. The novelty ultimately wore off, of course, and as the nail art boom continues to inspire innovation from at-home gel kits to magnetic polishes, matte nail lacquer is no longer the radical idea it once was. That doesn’t mean it’s not still a palate-cleanser, though. The latest from Illamasqua offers a mixture between a matte formulation and a jelly polish, which its product development team has ingeniously dubbed “rubber varnish”. Available in six, shockingly bright shades, like the lime green Nurture and the bright turquoise Serenity, two coats provide you with a textural, shine-free effect that is nothing short of a conversation starter.

Photo: Courtesy of Illamasqua

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