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Safflower Power


SAFFLOWER OIL / (saf-flow-er oyuhl) / n. / 1. An elixir garnered from the seeds of Carthamus tinctorius, an annual flowering plant cultivated in America’s Great Plains states; / n. / 2. A high-quality edible fluid often used in salad dressings or to fry vegetables that’s thought to help decrease cholesterol levels; / n./ 3. An expensive diesel fuel substitute; / n./ 4. A vitamin E-rich skin moisturizer with high concentrations of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a clinically tested natural compound that activates cell renewal and repairs collagen structure, e.g., “Safflower oil offers an eco-friendly way to fill up your tank—and roll back the years.”

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  1. Penney Musca says:

    Safflower Oil really is pretty awesome! I bought some and never looked back. For anyone else interested I got a great deal on my Safflower Oil Here: Amazon Thanks for keeping us up on the latest and greatest. :)

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