August 28 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Carine Roitfeld X MAC


Carine Roitfeld is known for many things. There’s the power team she was a part of as the styling arm of Tom Ford’s Gucci in the nineties; her iron, 11-year rule over Paris Vogue, which saw the magazine become perhaps the most exciting and innovative edition of the global title; an affinity for thigh-grazing, slit-up-to-there skirts; and of course, her mastery of the smoky eye. With her perma-tanned skin and wispy milk chocolate lob, the model/stylist/editor/mogul is one of the sultry makeup look’s most prominent poster girls, which helped earn her her latest accolade: makeup muse. Starting tomorrow, Carine’s capsule cosmetics collection for MAC will start hitting stores. Here, caught up with the indelible fashion figure on the eve of the launch of CR, Roitfeld’s new, namesake glossy, to talk custom-made eyelash curlers, the only two nail lacquers she finds acceptable (that’s right, polish fiends; two), and why “you can do it all if you have a black pencil.”

How does makeup factor into your overall beauty routine?
For me, makeup goes from your head to your toes. It’s all about an attitude. It can be the way you cross your leg or the way you sit at a table for dinner. Makeup is personality, not just a box of colors.

What is the one product you can’t live without?
It would have to be a black eye pencil. You can do it all if you have a black pencil.

…Which is one of the cornerstones of your MAC line, courtesy of its Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline. How else did you translate your own signature look into your collection?
I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. I wanted a black pencil, so MAC showed me a bunch of black pencils and I chose the one I liked. I wanted mascara, so we worked on some options and I picked the best one. I wanted an eyelash curler because I curl mine, and they made one for me in black. I find that when you apply individual lashes, the eyes open more, so individual lashes are included, too. I wanted a bronzer because I think a little shimmer looks nice and some color on the cheeks. I don’t particularly care for color on the lips, so I chose a hydrating nude lipstick. Foundation can be tricky because I don’t think it should look like you’re wearing it. With the light-coverage foundation, I included a big brush to apply it for a subtle effect. For the fingernails, I like just two colors: transparent or French red. In my collection they are called Undercover Nude and Underfire Red.

So it sounds like you were more than up for the challenge.
I’m very precise. Since I’ve always wanted a beauty spot like Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe, the two things that I added were these little star stencils that you can fill in with Blacktrack Fluidline and wear! I never had a beauty spot, but I think perhaps a star is much more fun now. It’s a Good Luck Star, and even better, you can put them anywhere you want.

With this wealth of beauty knowledge, is there anything specific you plan on passing down to your new granddaughter?
There are two things. The first, which I don’t do as often as I should, is washing her face before bed. And the second? Wearing sunblock. All the time, wear sunblock. Especially on your neck and your hands.

And what about beauty icons? Do you have any?
I don’t. There are people who I think are beautiful, but I am comfortable in my own skin.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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