September 2 2014

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Jin Soon Choi Demystifies The White Nail


White nail varnish can be tricky business. It’s rare to find a pure, alabaster lacquer that is the perfect balance of creamy opaque and slightly translucent, and doesn’t apply with a finish that resembles White Out (it was cool in middle school; less so now). It’s for these reasons that people typically choose beige, pale pink, and even dove grays when they want a palette-cleansing nail. But not Jin Soon Choi. “It’s like soft punk rock,” the famed manicurist said, describing the two coats of Revlon Spirit that she applid to half of the models at Rag & Bone this week. The secret to getting a finish like Karlie’s, kitschy iPhone case not included? “You must wear a base coat,” Choi insists, pointing out that a lot of people don’t realize the tiny ridges in their tips that make colors, like white, apply streaky. Luckily, as part of her brand new, eponymous polish line that has been a long time coming, Choi has released her own stellar Power Base coat that is bolstered by biotin, diamond particles, phycocoral, and keratin amino acids to keep nails strong and relatively chip- and streak-free, even when you venture into ivory territory.

Jin Soon Power Base Coat, $18, available September 2012 at

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