August 28 2014

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Laetitia Casta On Dolce & Gabbana’s Pour Femme—And What Makes A Woman Sexy (She Would Know)


It was hard to miss Laetitia Casta front-row at Dolce & Gabbana‘s Spring show in Milan. The French bombshell was wearing a snug black tuxedo with a bright red lip—and looked right at home in a seat that is often filled by the Italian design duo’s sexuality-oozing muses like Monica Bellucci and Scarlett Johansson, to name a couple. But surprisingly, this fall marks the first time the former Victoria’s Secret model has worked with Stefano and Domenico, despite being born to play the part of a Dolce face (and body). “We had a meeting together and they said they really like my work and my life and how I do as a woman. They like strong independent women, who say what they like and don’t like,” Casta tells us of how she came to be the campaign star for the house’s just-launched update on its original Pour Femme fragrance. “When I was 16, I did a show [for them]. But I guess they waited for me to grow up,” she jokes. They couldn’t have made a better choice; the raspberry, jasmine, marshmallow, vanilla, and sandalwood eau wears so sensually it borders on scandalous—which is just fine with Casta. Here, the model/actress shares her views on beauty, seeking out the spotlight, and what truly makes a woman sexy.

Before signing on with Dolce, were you always big into fragrance?
I’m someone who really enjoys to wear perfume—strong ones, anytime and anywhere. I just go for it with everything. This one is something really sensual. You could put it on after a shower when you’re having a love meeting, or you can wear it anytime you want to be seductive, or to appear to somebody. It doesn’t matter.

What are some of the other essentials in your beauty routine?
Since I’m 15, I’ve been doing my work and it’s a style of life, how you take care of yourself, because in this business you always have to be, like, you know, you can’t just arrive and be destroyed. That’s never been my style. So I always took care of myself. It’s also from my education. I always grew up like that. My mother and grandmother were very much feminine, always perfect, so I always had this image of a woman.

Is skincare a big thing for you? I imagine that a good base is essential to being camera-ready.
I like really natural things and I love to do masks all the time. They say you have to do masks once a week but I do them every day. I get them from biologique stores. The mud is the best. Those are really simple things you can do. I also eat everything but I just try to be active and do sports; I just take care of myself—there’s no secret. It’s kind of spiritual in a way.

Your body is obviously insane. Do you work out constantly?
Sometimes, I can do it for six months like crazy and then for two months I don’t do anything. I don’t like yoga. I need to feel like my body is moving. I prefer really hard sports—like men’s sports.

No, like the weights. But not in the gym. I hate the gym. I also do Pilates. I do swim, too.

What about makeup? In your day-to-day life, are things like lipstick, foundation, and mascara a must?
Day to day, normal, I like to be really simple. But if I have to go out, I go for a black eye or red lips. And that’s to assume something. I used to want to be quiet, but now I just want to be in the spotlight. Time passes by and I just want to enjoy life so I go for it. Orange lips: why not?!

Being the face of the new Pour Femme certainly puts you in the spotlight and makes you a symbol of sensuality in the process. Is that something you feel you embody?
It’s not something that you build. For me, being sexy is not faking sexy. Faking or trying to be sensual, it never works. It’s about personality. You come with your imperfections and say, “whatever.” You come into a room, you put your head up, and you don’t give a shit about what people think. It’s assuming your femininity instead of trying to push your boobs up. This is vulgarity for me.

Aside from your gig with Dolce, you’ve been doing a lot of film work recently. Are there any projects you’re particularly excited about?
I’m really into cinema right now. I’ve been working on a comedy called Do Not Disturb, and then I have another one, from a true story, a love story, about a banker who has been killed by a mistress. I was the mistress of that story. And then I did an American movie called Arbitrage. It’s not a big part. In that one I also play a mistress!

So what drew you to film after modeling? Do you prefer one to the other?
Honestly, I thought I was always an actress, and I’ve always worked with people who didn’t ask me to be a model, they asked me to be an actress. It’s kind of weird. I was more like a character instead of being a real fashion model. I’m doing even more fashion than ever—but as who I am, instead of trying to be someone that I’m not. It’s more about giving emotional things than just putting clothes on. That’s not me. Even if I wanted to be a “fashion girl,” I’m not this kind of long skinny girl—it’ll never happen. And I never want to be that. I just want to express myself.

Photo: Courtesy of Dole & Gabbana



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