August 23 2014

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Poor Little Rich Girl, Packaged


After an insane amount of hype that started in August when NARS’ unprecedented collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation was first announced, the color collection is finally starting to hit stores. And there’s a lot worth looking at, primarily because this is not your average meeting of the minds. Instead of simply producing a range in homage, François Nars’ fan-favorite makeup brand actually worked with Warhol’s longstanding foundation, which protects the pop artist’s wealth of creative property, so that all of the images, quotes, and general visuals used are actual replicas of Warhol’s original work. That said, we imagine most people will be drawn immediately to the Flowers Eyeshadow Palettes that feature the artist’s famous Flowers, 1965 painting in three different shades of embossed pigment as well as Warhol’s indelible words “all is pretty,” which are scrawled onto the mirror; the trio of additional shadows depicting Warhol’s Self-Portrait in three contrasting shades will also presumably be big winners when they launch in November. But we’re putting our money on the Edie Gift Set. In an interesting turn of events, Marc Jacobs’ Spring collection, for which Nars serves face-painting duty, was directly inspired by Warhol’s poor little rich girl. “Everything is a coincidence,” Nars joked backstage of the circumstances that saw him wrapping his work with the Warhol Foundation only to segue into the beauty look for Jacobs’ show. Needless to say, he was well equipped to create a “more updated” take on Sedgewick’s heavily rimmed lids, lots of lashes, and big, bold brows with a clean, flushed complexion and a more pared-down black liner application. Those tools are now readily at your disposal via Nars’ holiday kit, which packs his Pure Matte Lipstick in Film Star, a sixties-era nude pink; Eyeshadow in Edie, a creamy neutral pigment with a hint of shimmer; Blush Duo in Deep Throat/Amour, which has both sheer peach and matte peach-pink options; and the essential Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates, a true black. Remember to mind the “banane” line.

NARS Andy Warhol Edie Gift Set, $75, available November 1 at



  1. _Abby29 says:

    I love that set! The nude lipstick looks incredible!

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