August 28 2014

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The 411: Kristin Petrovich of Själ


There’s something about beauty brands created by Swedish mother-daughter duos that we can’t help but love. Face Stockholm has our makeup devotion, and when it comes to Swedish-born familial skincare, we’re all about Själ. The decade-old holistic line built by Karen and Kristin Petrovich has a Swedish name (pronounced “shawl,” it means soul, mind, or spirit) but Eastern principles, drawing inspiration from Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Chinese traditions. The pared-down—in appearance and philosophy—regimen also claims that its products benefit from being infused with bio-osmotic energy through precious minerals and gemstones, which, to this writer, who tends to re-energize her quartz stones with regular moonlight baths, makes a whole lot of sense. Needless to say, we were particularly keen to find out daughter Kristin’s own beauty and wellness routine, which includes a to-die-for Manhattan massage destination that sounds like a must-try. Add it to your address book.

The Skin Fix: Själ Skincare
“I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which tends to dehydrate my skin, so my daily routine is Själ Balans Cleanser and Mineral Tonic followed by Serum 1 mixed with Saphir Concentrate Oil. Post-flight I use the Pearl Enzyme exfoliator followed by the Kashmir Perfecting Mask, then our Kura Intuitif—and a good night’s sleep.”
Available at www.Sjä

The Face Paint: Clé de Peau
“I can be lazy and I don’t always wear a lot of makeup, but when I do, it’s all Clé de Peau: foundation, concealer and eye shadow. They are superior quality, look incredibly natural, and provide the perfect coverage.”
Available at

The Hair Hero: Alexandre Chouery at Frédéric Fekkai
“A great cut every time and it grows out perfectly. Alexandre makes you feel like a million dollars—and like you are getting your hair cut in a carriage house.”
At Frédéric Fekkai, 2 Lewis Court, Greenwich, CT, (203) 861-6700,

The Paris-Born Perfume: Shamsin, Atelier Flou Paris
“Atelier Flou is a niche perfume line from Jean-François Cabos, formerly of Balenciaga, and perfumer Jacques Chabert. Shamsin is a super sexy fragrance with notes of jasmine, rose, incense, musk, and patchouli; perfect for the fall and winter months.”
Available at

The Daily Dose: EltaMD SPF 40
“It’s broad-spectrum coverage formulated with hyaluronic acid and it feels fantastic on the skin. It’s great under makeup and perfect for sensitive skin.”
Available at

The Youth Do: Youth Capsules by Beauty Works West
“This natural food supplement helps me sleep better, gives me extra energy, and actually makes my skin look plumper.”Available at

The Energy Supplement: Amethyst Biomat
“This amethyst mat penetrates 6-8 inches into the body, stimulating healing and regeneration of nerves and muscle tissue layers. It works on the healing and cleansing processes, decreasing acidity and detoxifing the body. With my extensive traveling and hectic schedule, it’s been a savior. You can do it at your home and you feel amazing; you can literally feel any blocks releasing in your body.”
Available at

The Needle Know-It-All: Dr. Cai at Lin Sisters
“Dr. Cai doesn’t speak much English but is extremely effective. I always feel my energy being cleared and feel completely restored and renewed on every visit. I even went during my pregnancy and he helped tremendously with my sciatica as well as my induction.”
Lin Sisters, 4 Bowery, (212) 962-5417;

The Massage Therapist: Tony Liu
“Although the appearance of this place may look scary at first, Tony is full on Chinese acupressure and Japanese shiatsu. This man will literally get every knot and then some out of your body. My husband actually told me my body looked altered. Go for the two-hour massage and you will not regret it, but be warned, the weak need not apply.”
Fishion Herb Center, 107 Mott St., (212) 966-8771.

The Powder Power: Aura Cleanse
“This is from our crystal therapist Camille. It’s amazing as a bath powder. It helps stabilize the body and the chakras and alters your frequency, putting your body into balance. Also, it helps extract toxins. I literally can see colors around my body when I take a bath.”
For more information, call Camille Trinchillo, (917) 295-6146.

The Liquid Lunch: Juice for Life
“A beet, carrot, and cranberry juice is a great liver and kidney cleanse, not to mention super tasty.”

The Local Getaway: Tod’s Point in Greenwich
“This is a beautiful peninsula with a nature reserve, beach, and boating. It’s gorgeous all year long, whether it’s during the summer at the beach or long winter walks along the coastline. It’s always spectacular.”

Photo: Courtesy of Sjal Skincare