August 30 2014

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The Nude Nail Review


“This is the strongest nail trend I have encountered in my 50 years of doing shows,” nail superstar Marian Newman told us backstage at Mary Katrantzou, where yet another incarnation of Spring’s preference for nude lacquers was taking shape. Newman was not exaggerating. With a few notable exceptions (see Pugh, Gareth and Som, Peter), tips were uniformly painted with a multitude of beige varnishes from New York to Paris, signaling what looks to be an end to the manicure mania that’s taken hold of the beauty industry over the past few seasons. Now that we’re back from Europe after three long weeks, we’re even more intent on building up our neutral nail arsenal, which is why we’re particularly excited to indulge in Dior’s Nude collection. As part of the brand’s massive fall launch, the four-piece color range aims to do what brands like RGB Cosmetics and Rococo Nail Apparel already have by creating the equivalent of nail “foundation”—varying shades of sand and toffee to match a range of complexions. Charnelle, the lightest of the bunch, is a pinkish sand; Grege is more of a true, dark beige; Trench has a hint of warm slate; and Dune is close to a muted milk chocolate. Consider them good investment pieces for next season, when simple and clean will (finally) trump outlandish and off-kilter.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior Beauty

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