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To Text And Talk While Getting A Trim, That Is The Question


Beauty Etiquetter is a new column on Beauty Counter in which we address your beauty protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in-the-know. To submit a question, e-mail celia

The Quandary: “I’d rather not make small talk with my hairstylist during a cut. Is it considered rude to check and send e-mails while in the chair?”

The Experts in Residence: Hairstylists Garren, of Garren New York salon, and Orlando Pita, of Orlo Salon.

“In general, it’s preferred that the client does not text or e-mail, to make sure the stylist is able to be as precise as possible,” explains Garren. “However, if you must do so, keeping the head at an eye-level position by holding the device in front of you will work best”—a point on which the two coiffeurs agree. “As long as the client is holding their head in the position I need them to, she can absolutely work on her BlackBerry, iPad, etc.,” Pita weighs in. His bottom line: “If it doesn’t get in the way of my work, it’s perfectly fine.”

Photo: Courtesy of Garren New York

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