August 28 2014

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Dr. Perricone Goes Into The Blue


Dr. Nicholas Perricone has something of a lock on the word plasma as it relates to skincare. “Just as the plasma in space provides all of the building materials necessary to create the planets and the stars, Cold Plasma in a jar functions as a carrier full of charged particles,” says the cosmeceutical pioneer. Cold Plasma became something of a godsend for the Perricone faithful looking for fast-acting antiaging benefits when it launched three years ago. “The cell will select from the nutrient-rich ionic suspension all that is necessary for its optimal nutrition.” His latest plasma adventures are destined for similar greatness. Introducing Blue Plasma, a non-acidic daily peel that delivers all the benefits of a traditional peel, without the pesky irritation and redness that makes it hard to, say, leave the house after application. Meant as a remedy for dull, discolored, and fatigued skin—the kind that bares the brunt of the physical effects of living and working hard in a metropolitan environment with plenty of congestion and pollution (sound familiar?)—the silky fluid features the anti-inflammatory power of magnolia bark, antioxidant-rich blueberry extracts to brighten and boost radiance, the gentle peeling action of salmon-egg enzyme as well as essences of copper, which have excellent reparative benefits and happen to turn the liquid a pleasant shade of aquamarine. Used twice daily, the lightweight serum accelerates cellular turnover, purifies pores, and hydrates at the same time, a point that is worth elaborating on as it is perhaps the elixir’s biggest selling point. As anyone who is reliably told by disapproving facialists that they need to exfoliate more can attest, regular acid solutions and pads can produce drying, flaking effects. Yet somehow, this little blue bottle manages to slough away dead skin, thus revealing the more youthful complexion beneath, without any such sensation. Quite the contrary, in fact; your skin actually feels more moisturized after you use it.

Photo: Courtesy of Perricone MD

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