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Four Ways To Keep It Cute (And Healthy) At The Thanksgiving Table


It is the American way to “go big” in most facets of life, which certainly applies to the annual Thanksgiving eat-a-thon that is about to be upon us. There can never be enough autumnal-themed food on the Thanksgiving table, it seems; my s.o.’s mother just informed me that she’d be buying a second turkey as she is under the impression that the 18 lb. bird she’s already procured—plus the bounty of side dishes I am preparing—might not be enough to feed six adults and two children. True story. All of this said, it is very easy to overindulge at this nonreligious gathering of countrymen, but we’ve scrounged up a few expert tips to help you stay strong in the face of pumpkin pie seconds. According to Dr. Frank Lipman of Eleven-Eleven Wellness, the key to comfortably enjoying your meal is threefold: Load your plate with 80 percent vegetables (brussel sprouts, green beans, root veggies, what have you); try to eat a fermented food at some point during the meal to help aid in digestion (Thanksgiving kimchi, anyone?); and don’t skip breakfast. While you may think reserving your calorie intake for dinner is the right move in the name of moderation, skipping breakfast only serves to slow down your metabolism. Instead, prepare a protein-packed liquid shake, like Dr. Lipman’s Sustain blend, mixed with a little almond milk and avocado.

If, however, you find it difficult to heed these words of advice (believe us; we’re right there with you), there’s always Valerie Grandury’s green smoothie cleanse for the days after the damage has been done. The Odacité co-founder, whose L.A.-based beauty boutique houses a line of organic, fresh-made cosmetics in addition to a well-edited selection of other all-natural grooming aids, has devised a smoothie system that should set you right in just three days. Click here for the complete user’s guide—and let us all give thanks for the detox revolution. Happy Turkey Day!

Photo: Courtesy of Odacite

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