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January Goes Dark; Botox For Bluffing; And More…


After dabbling with pink streaks and a full-on red dye job, January Jones has gone brunette. [People]

Despite that Pantene contract, Zooey Deschanel is better known for her serious nail art obsession. But she’s been partial to bare tips recently, until next month, that is. “I save it for special occasions. I’m looking forward to the Christmas holiday,” the New Girl star told Jimmy Fallon last night of her favorite finger-painting pastime before revealing that last holiday season, she brushed on a Christmas sweater montage one week and the font from the Beatles Help! record another. Clever girl. [Stylelite]

Botox can hide a world of facial ills—including “tells” that may lose a poker champion a mess of winnings. But not if Dr. Jack Berdy has anything to say about it. The New York-based dermatologist has just christened “Pokertox,” a customizable mix of fillers and Botox that help professional gamblers keep their cards to themselves. [Huff Po]

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