August 30 2014

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Of Signs And Scents


Since Strange Invisible Perfumes founder Alexandra Balahoutis first announced the launch of her limited-edition Perfumes of the Zodiac Collection—pairs of organic, wild-crafted biodynamic essences set in a base of 100 percent organic grape alcohol, each created for an astrological sign—we’ve been patiently waiting for her to drop Aquarius. It looks like we and our late-January, early-February-born sisters will have to wait a little longer, though. After successfully debuting the frankincense, ylang ylang, black pepper, cedarwood, and jasmine-tinged Pisces for emotional and compassionate late-February, early-March babies and the neroli, sandalwood, sambac, rose, and temple mandarin-infused Virgo, for the analytical and focused folk born in late-August, early-September Balahoutis has turned her attention to Leo and Sagittarius. The former boasts hints of bergamot, jasmine sambac and ambrette seed to tame the warm, regal, commanding fire sign’s need for power, while the latter includes notes of lime, cypress, sandalwood and beeswax to nurture the affable, adventurous, sincere side of those with a Jupiter ruler. Hopefully, our next horoscope will be a fragrant one.

$275 each, available December 2012 at

Photo: Courtesy of Strange Invisible Perfumes

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