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Pigtails for Grown Ups: A Discussion


We have a theory about pigtails, which goes a little something like this: if you’re over the age of six, you shouldn’t wear them. We were so adamant about this philosophy a few years back when there seemed to be an epidemic of twenty- and thirty-somethings sporting the split-down-the-middle style, that we considered starting a separate blog on the matter. There are a few exceptions to this general rule, however, one of which was revealed to us in the Fall of 2009, when Guido Palau sculpted two texturized ponytails that were slung over models shoulders at Prada’s Spring 2010 show to much acclaim. The other occurs on the rare occasion that external forces come together to create the perfect pigtail trifecta, which necessitates extreme length, careful mussing, and equally diligent braiding, as demonstrated by Dutch hairstylist Dirk Jensma in the new issue of Marie Claire Netherlands. What makes this look so compelling, in our estimation, is the unexpectedness of the deliberately loose plaits at the base of the style that segue into a tighter version of the standard, three-section weaving method through the ends. Something about it feels fresh, easy—and primed for one of those Saint Laurent hats for Spring. Don’t you think?

Photo: Dennison Bertram for Marie Claire Netherlands, November 2012

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