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The Festive Five: Manicures For Making Merry


The holidays are coming—and fast. We hate to be the bearer of this shocking piece of news, but Thanksgiving is in two weeks. Two weeks! If the surprisingly early decorative window displays and all the cheeky retail merchandizing haven’t yet gotten you in the mood for the fun with family and friends that’s about to consume your life, perhaps the onslaught of shimmering, glittering, sparkling-to-the-max manicure options that are now at your disposal will. Here, we’ve singled out five of our favorite new nail offerings for some much-deserved festive finger-painting.

Heavy Metals
Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York
You could say the glitter nail craze started with Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday polish back in 2009, which has been oft imitated, but never replicated—except, of course, by the backstage regular herself: In the last three years, Lippmann has made a habit of reimagining her original hexagonal glitter formula in a range of colors and sizes. Her latest masterpiece puts pieces of chunky gold sequins in a sheer, obsidian base.

In Rainbows
MAC All That Glitters
Part of the beauty behemoth’s Glamour Daze collection, MAC’s All That Glitters varnish is a somewhat more subtle, colorful play on the same idea. The black polish itself has a medium sheer finish, but when applied in three coats, you get a rich lacquer with beautiful blue, fuchsia, gold, and emerald flecks that reflect the light with every well-intentioned finger flick.

The Scarlett Bottle
Essie Leading Lady
Nothing says “the holidays are here” like rich shades of garnet—which Essie Weingarten knows better than anyone. The manicure mogul has debuted her fair share of variations on the rich hue and tries her hand at another one this month in the form of the limited-edition Leading Lady. The ruby-flecked lacquer is more of a deep raspberry-tinged crimson when applied and packs a super sparkly punch to boot.

For Gold and Glory
Zoya Gilty Topcoat
Crackle polishes are a bit played-out at this point, as far as we’re concerned, but this clear topcoat with pieces of 18-karat gold made us rethink the appeal of their degradé effect. Worn alone or on top of the other two colors in Zoya’s limited-edition Gilty Pleasures trio, it imparts scattered bits of gilded flakes for a haphazard, albeit gorgeous, finish.

Gray Matter
Givenchy Vernis Please! Enchanted Mat Grey
Slate gray just may be one of our all-time favorite Fall polish colors; it’s less severe than black but still sends a tough-and-chic message. The latest from Givenchy adds a hint of superfine sparkle to the mix that wears with a barely noticeable foil quality. In a word, love.

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