September 2 2014

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Astier De Villatte’s Holiday Twofer


There are certain parts of my beauty-heavy existence that my s.o. tolerates in our apartment, and others he’s less excited about. My lipstick and skincare bounty—as long as it is contained to my office area—is fine by him; any semblance of excessively fragrant room sprays, diffusers, or candles is another story. Or so he thought before I introduced him to Astier de Villatte.The Parisian ceramics specialist and fine stationery purveyor started selling home fragrances in hand lotion, soap, incense, candle, and even eraser form four years ago when product designer Emilie Mazeaud joined founders Ivan Pericoli and Benoít Astier de Villatte and brought the perfuming services of famed nose Françoise Caron with her. Their collective scent library, which is noteworthy for its unique compositions that are never overbearing, includes a wide variety of different aromas that are each named for “the most magical places in the world,” according to Mazeaud—like Kobe, the southeastern Japanese city that overlooks Osaka Bay and inspired the crystallized ginger, coriander root, and fig bougie that we like to burn in our house after it’s been given a thorough clean. It’s facing some stiff competition from ADV’s latest releases, though, which include Marienbad, a green tea, cardamom, sandalwood, and white musk-tinged homage to the Czech spa town of the same name, and my new reigning favorite, Stockholm, a Scandinavian tribute that features fresh essences of aloe, clove, myrrh, and vetiver. My s.o. is traveling at the moment but will no doubt be pleased to find it burning when he returns home—once I’ve organized the makeup, clothes, and shoes that have traveled well beyond their designated areas since he’s been gone, that is.

Photo: Courtesy of Astier de Villatte

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