August 22 2014

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Suvana’s Power-Packed Paw Paw


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Australian beauty business is booming. Between Aesop, Original & Mineral, Sodashi, and newer niche lines, like Black Chicken, the imports from down under are really bubbling over. If there were an Aussie gateway product, the salve that started our fascination with the country’s indigenous ingredient bounty and knack for catchy packaging, it’d be Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. The sweet-smelling salve that utilizes the papaw fruit, a.k.a. papaya, and its antiseptic properties to treat a host of skin issues is a little bit like
Eight-Hour Cream but with a more natural bent. The downsides: It’s nearly impossible to get stateside, for one, and for another, it contains pharmaceutical-grade petroleum jelly, which has caused a fair bit of anxiety amongst product chemical watchdogs, often without merit, over the past few years. Happily, both of those problems are remedied with Suvana Beauty’s organic Paw Paw and Honey Balm. Australia’s first EcoCert organic certified brand has won over a number of fans with its Bio Lash and Bio Gloss, but its most exciting offering in our estimation is the papaya-laced, multifunctional balm. The company’s original launch is fortified with cocoa butter and vitamin E, and without petroleum jelly, synthetic chemicals, or preservatives. Better still is the fact that it’s now available in the U.S. of A, which will save you about two days (and thousands of dollars) in airfare.

Photo: Courtesy of Suvana



  1. eastvillagesiren says:

    While leaning towards naturally derived chemicals, I have no fear of petroleum derived ingredients. The EU regulates petroleum derived ingredients and allows them in products “if the full refining history is known and it can be shown that the substance from which it is produced is not a carcinogen.” FDA does not have the same jurisdiction. So petrolatum/petroleum jelly can, and is safe, at least in EU approved products. Please provide links to the research you cite regarding potentially carcinogenic hydrocarbon. Thank you.

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