August 30 2014

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The 411: Isabelle Bellis


A facial massage that includes your aesthetician actually putting her fingers inside your mouth to properly stimulate weak and tired muscles is a talking point unto itself, but that’s just one of the many things that makes an appointment with Isabelle Bellis such a special experience. Trained in France, Switzerland, and Germany in the school of L’Oreal skincare expert, biochemist, and Marc Jacobs favorite Joëlle Ciocco, Bellis isn’t your average facialist. An epidermologist, holistic nutritionist, and health counselor, she is a skincare multi-tasker who doesn’t just look at the state of your pores, but investigates your skin’s reaction to its environment in order to develop the best cosmeceutical regimen to bring it back to its optimal state. Take one look at Bellis’ own flawless complexion, and you’ll be a believer. Her innate French style sense happens to transcend to skincare products—as well as a few other beauty and lifestyle must-haves that she’s shared with us below.

The Seasonal Skin Saver: Joëlle Ciocco
“I adore Joëlle Ciocco Cerat aux Fleurs in the winter. It protects the skin from the cold and protects the capillaries from the extreme change in temperature that occurs from going indoors and out.
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The French Manicure: Essie Eternal Optimist

“I maintain my own nails, and I always paint them a soft, pale pink—my favorite color is Eternal Optimist by Essie. I guess it’s very French of me, but I don’t feel comfortable in red—it just doesn’t make me feel like me.
Available at

The Natural Colorist: Jean-Marie Paret
“I travel to Paris several times a year and I always go to Jean-Marie while I’m there. It all started because I had a very bad color job years ago, and I went there to fix it. He only uses natural dyes and natural products, which is very important to me because I don’t like using chemicals on my scalp. Plus, the ambience is lovely and it’s very personal, which I love.”
Jean-Marie Paret, 26 rue Monsieur le Prince Paris, France, 75006.

The Requisite Rub-Down: Shibui at the Greenwich Hotel
“The massages are absolutely great here, and the ambience is so beautiful and relaxing. After a massage I stay an extra hour, have a fresh-squeezed juice and read. It’s heaven.”
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The Signature Snacks: Maison Kayser and Gobo Juices
“Eric Kayser on the Upper East Side has a fabulous breakfast. I love the Cocotte [an organic egg casserole with eggplant]; it’s so, so good. I also love Gobo juices for a smoothie in the West Village. I get one with chocolate and peanut butter when I’m feeling decadent.”
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The Domestic Indulgence: Fresh Flowers
“I love flea markets because there’s always a story behind every piece you purchase. I’ve found a table for my kitchen—it’s very French—and I always love to buy vases because I love flowers. I buy them from Dean & Deluca or get them from a friend’s garden in Connecticut.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Isabelle Bellis

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