August 31 2014

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Histoires de Parfums Makes Olfactory Music


A rousing performance in fragrance, Histoires de Parfums’ latest release is poised to usher in some revelry in the New Year. Named after Paris’ famed Olympia Music Hall concert venue, the “electrifying” multilayered citrus scent pays tribute to the building’s iconic neon red façade, which was built in 1954 by Bruno Coquatrix. As with each offering in the Histoires de Parfums library, this one aims to “tell beautiful stories that are read through the skin,” says the fragrance house’s creator Gérald Ghislain—which works particularly well here, as the eau’s namesake destination isn’t lacking in anecdotes: Over the years, the theater’s red curtains have been pulled back to introduce iconic performers like The Beatles, David Bowie, and, more recently, Lady Gaga. The pulsating energy of being in a crowd dually inspired the invigorating unisex blend that’s composed in three parts: There are the “opening chords” of orange, bergamot, lemon, and mandarin; the “center chords” of pink berries, black pepper, and soft florals; and the “bass chords” of blond wood, patchouli (a note forever associated with band groupies), spices, and a subtle hit of white musk. When combined in the bottle, each ingredient is meant to play off the others, resulting in a hypnotic riff suitable for spritzing on day or night, depending on which side of the sunrise you end up on.

Photo: Courtesy of Histoires de Parfums

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