August 20 2014

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Kim’s Fringe Benefits; Snoop’s Pro Tips; And more…


From Chanel’s Spring show to Snoop Dogg’s fingertips: The French manicure is making a comeback. [Fashion & Style]

After three fake trial runs, Kim Kardashian has finally cut herself a real set of bangs. Or so it seems. [Glamour]

Nissan is adding another sensory element to its display at the Detroit auto show this year: smell. The car company has enlisted a fragrance house to design a custom scent that is “modern, vibrant, and exacting.” The resulting fresh oriental eau boasts notes of green tea and is meant to evoke an emotional response in would-be buyers. [NYT]

Nail-polish companies aren’t the only ones capitalizing on big-budget Hollywood productions. Starting this month, Urban Decay will release two face-painting sets inspired by Oz The Great And Powerful, Michelle Williams’ and Mila Kunis’ characters specifically. [People]

According to a new study, diets with mobile-app components—specifically Twitter—can increase your potential for weight loss. The research was actually quantified, too: Every ten posts to Twitter corresponded to a 0.5 percent weight loss. That’s 1,400 characters well spent. [Fox News]

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