August 30 2014

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Red Alert


Deep wine-stained lips may have been the prevailing beauty story this Fall, but Spring is near, and with it comes the promise of a new kind of pout preference. While the season saw nods to fuchsia, orange, and purple, it also proved that red is not, in fact, dead—no matter what the mulberry legions may have had you believe. Case in point: a birthday soiree last night, at No. 8 in New York, for Amy Sacco, Karen Mulligan, et al that saw guests such as Iman, Lily Aldridge, and Christina Ricci pull out their best crimson bullets. Interestingly, they all opted for matte finishes, another sign of the beauty sea change in the air; flat, no-shine pigment dominated the runways in September—and will prove an essential addition to your makeup bag over the next few months. And so we put it to you, dear readers: Who wore the matte scarlet mouth best?

Photo: Neil Rasmus /

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