August 27 2014

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Ryan Gosling Gets The Part; Axe To Go Into Orbit; And More…


Ryan Gosling’s serious acting chops are largely responsible for his big-screen success. But some credit must be given to the part in his hair, which has traveled from the side to the center and back over the last twenty years as he has ascended the Hollywood ranks. [Vulture]

To promote a new line of men’s personal-care products called Apollo, Axe has announced a consumer contest to win twenty-two tickets into space. Unsurprisingly, it has also named Buzz Aldrin the face of the new range. [NYT]

Here’s an unfortunate new finding for the exercise fiends out there who still can’t seem to shed pounds. A new study has determined that there are indeed “fat genes” that make it difficult for some people to lose weight, despite efforts to eat well and work out. [Huff Po]

One of Jennifer Aniston’s first orders of business as co-owner of Living Proof haircare was to install Chris McMillan, her longtime stylist and the inventor of “the Rachel,” within the company. The Boston-based brand is about to get (another) serious injection of star power. [WWD]

Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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