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Anna Sui Beauty: It’s Baaaaack


Sui Love By Anna Sui was our first fragrance obsession. True story. After kicking a long preteen addiction to the Bath & Body Works scent collection (that’s what happens when you grow up in the suburbs), the fruity floral that came in the rainbow butterfly flacon seemed, at the time, like a real chic alternative. This was back in the nineties, though, when Sui’s then-nascent beauty line was readily available at all manner of department stores. Following some licensing issues, however, her collection of fun fragrances, flirty cosmetics, and, more recently, nail lacquers, hasn’t been on shelves in the U.S. since, save for at Sui’s small boutique in Soho. Her perfumes have been selling like gangbusters in Asia, however, as you might imagine, with names like Secret Wish, Flight of Fancy, Forbidden Affair, and, Sui’s most recent release, Fairy Dance. Every season at her show in New York, Sui sets up a beauty bar to showcase the product line and, in a way, let us all know what we’ve been missing. But last night at her Fall presentation, there was a sense of optimism afoot. “We’re celebrating a new partnership with Sephora,” her publicist told us as we perused the offerings. That’s right; starting March 7, Anna Sui’s beauty line will be back in the U.S. of A., first via a collection of her four best-selling fragrances, and then, fingers crossed, with the introduction of her rose-scented cosmetics range. Mark your calendars.

Photo: Courtesy of Anna Sui

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